Things change

In 2003 I attended Presidential Classroom, and in one of the seminars this brilliant man by the name of Dean Kamen demonstrated his new invention, the Segway.

I was in awe.

I just finished reading ‘Originals’ by Adam Grant a few days ago, in which I read all about how the Segway was a commercial failure.

Funny how things work out.

What’s more important?

Turns out there was a Super Bowl yesterday… who knew…

I stopped watching football after watching a particularly frustrating Giants game years ago (thanks Eli). I remember standing in my dining room, emotionally stressed out about that game, and I finally asked myself why this game was bothering me so much.

In that moment I decided football was no longer a priority in my life, and I gained back about six hours every Sunday during football season to do other things.

Your time is yours. Your time is finite. Be selfish in how you spend it.

A trip down under

I went on a crocodile tour on the Adelaide river in Australia a few years ago.

Our guide was a true local. Judging by the calluses on his feet, he never wore a pair of shoes in his life.

He had a few interesting insights:

Humans are really fuel inefficient

We’ll consume substantial calories in preparation for a 10K race, and then eat again immediately afterwards to replenish what we burned off.

Meanwhile a 1-ton croc could survive on a few chickens for 6-8 weeks.

Only the strong survive

He explained how the crocs we see before us are the result of millions of years of evolution weeding out the weak. The crocs before us were the true 1% of their species. A single male croc every few kilometers of riverbank. Only the very top of the pyramid survives.

Care to feel weak? Put yourself one meter away from a crocodile with only a thin metal grate in between.

Alright, I just finished my workout. Time for a protein shake.